Recent Before & After Photos

Simple fix

Severe water damage in an office hallway led to the need for total reconstruction in the area. The after photo was taken by the team only five days after the in... READ MORE

Water Warped

This home owner got more than he bargained for. A frustrating thing to endure after you have just installed brand new wood flooring. Leaks do not belong in th... READ MORE

Conference Interrupted

Our clients had a busy day with meetings and deadlines. Unfortunately they experienced an unexpected interruption. A busted pipe decided to introduce the team... READ MORE

After the Storm

Not only can storms cause flooding and damage, but after it dries a new problem can arise. When wood and dry wall aren't completely dried, mold can grown and s... READ MORE

Storage War Zone!

This storage company had an unfortunate flood and a few unhappy customers, needless to say. Our team at SERVPRO of Midtown Manhattan was happy to help with th... READ MORE

No Smoking!

Some people just won't follow the rules. Ever have any guests like that? After they check out, pick up the phone a give SERVPRO of Midtown Manhattan a call. ... READ MORE

School's Back in Session

Whew! Saved by the bell! Or by SERVPRO of Midtown Manhattan actually. This classroom experienced water damage after a burst pipe. Our crew was on the scene ... READ MORE

Up in Smoke

Soot in your home without a chimney is never a good look. Smoke odor and soot can linger in your home long after the fire is out. Better call the pros at SERVP... READ MORE

Above the flames, in the clouds

This resident experienced a kitchen fire that spread soot throughout the entire apartment. The fire is one problem, once that is safely extinguished there are ... READ MORE

Stormy weather? Let's make it better!

Our customer experienced some major damage to her home after Hurricane Sandy. She didn't know where to begin or who to call. Luckily she found us and our crew ... READ MORE