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Tips for Dealing With Water Damage

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can be devastating to your home. It can ruin your floors, your walls, and your possessions. However, if you act fast after the initial damage, you can severely mitigate the amount of damage done. Here are a few tips to dealing with the effects of water damage in your home, as listed by Concrobium.

  • Immediately turn off, disconnect, and remove any electronics in the area. Electrical items are some of the most vulnerable possessions in terms of water damage, but can possibly be saved if removed quickly. Additionally, if the water rises above the level of your outlets and electronics, having them connected could lead to you or anyone in the area being electrocuted, so remove them as soon as possible.
  • Begin pulling carpet. Carpet can be saved if immediately removed and cleaned.
  • Remove the water. There are a few methods you can utilize to begin removing the water from your home. The first is to just start getting rid of it manually. Use any buckets, mops, and towels to soak up and dispose of as much water as you can. Pour the water into drains or into your lawn. Another tool you can use is a wet/dry vacuum. If you choose to go this route, remember to be mindful of using electronics around water. Do not plug in a vacuum if it is susceptible to water damage.
  • Once the water is removed, you need to dry out the area. Open all your windows, turn on fans, and use a dehumidifier to dry the affected areas. This is also when you should begin removing any damaged drywall from your home.
  • Lastly, you will need to begin to dispose of damaged items. This includes drywall, carpet, furniture, and any other damaged possessions. Find out where in your area you can dispose of these things and do so.

Hopefully, these steps have given you a clear idea of how to being to clean your home after experiencing water damage. As always, if you are a resident in or around New York City, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding home restoration after water damage.

Water Damage

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water may seem very unlikely to cause damage. Do not be quick to dismiss it just yet. Water in the presence strong winds can be very destructive. It is for this reason that hurricanes and strong rains have claimed lives and destroyed millions worth of property. Water damage can also be as minimalist as broken water pipes that cause molding and rusting. These broken pipes are ranked second from hurricanes in causing water damage.

There are three types of water damage.

Category 1

This is does not cause any threat to human life. It is from is from broken house appliances and pipes which can flood a house or basement.

Category 2

This is also known "gray water". The water is contaminated and contains chemicals, micro-organisms, nutrients and biological contaminants. This water can cause serious health damage and discomfort when consumed.

Category 3

This is also known as "black water". This water is very unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria, fungi and harmful physical components like sharp tools. The source of this water is sewage, seawater, water rising from water bodies due to heavy rains and ground water.

Classes of water damage

The several classes of water damage help in evaluating water control options.

  • Class 1- Water damage is minimal and the materials do not absorb a lot of water making repairs easy and less costly
  • Class 2- This class has a fast evaporation rate but other materials like cushions and mattresses may be damaged.
  • Class 3- water has the fastest rate of evaporation here and the damage caused is greater and difficult to repair. The water may come from overhead sources and may soak the walls and furniture.
  • Class 4- This stage requires professional technique and procedures to control. It may damage concrete and hard floors and plaster

Water Damage Restoration Services

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

Our company provides reliable emergency services related to water incidents regardless of the size of the incident experienced. We have the most proficient workforce that is well equipped to respond to any of your related emergencies. We use the most advanced equipment.

We assure you of the most convenient services that will help in the restoration of your damaged Manhattan home back to the previous state. Our capacity to react faster under pressure indeed provides good benefits in extracting the water and drying the affected property. The company uses the best moisture monitoring equipment that efficiently drains the water out of the damaged property.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process Include:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Damage Assessment and Inspection
  • Water extraction
  • Drying
  • Repair and cleaning
  • Restoration

Reasons to Choose our Services

  • We offer the quickest response to water damage

Our strategic location in Manhattan enables us to access any residential or business premise that faces water elated emergency situation.

  • We provide services to all sizes of water disaster
  • We have competent technicians to handle the water damage restoration services
  • We specialize in water and other related incidents

Being the cornerstone of our business, we provide our staff with the most extensive training that equips them with the necessary skills to improve their performance. We strictly emphasize the drying process.

  • We provide quick water damage cleanup

Our responses to water and other related incidents cannot be challenged in Manhattan; we provide services all through regardless of time.

  • Our equipment and techniques are most advanced to meet your needs

Our company uses the most advanced equipment that plays a significant role in detecting any hidden moisture while extracting possible waters at higher speed. The equipment can clean the messed belonging in the most efficient way as desired.

  • The cleanup process is closed by deodorizing and sanitizing your home for safety and comfort.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Services

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damages could be the most devastating incident you can ever experience. Being a stressful time for you, we believe that all you need is a professional service to help you recover to your usual self again. Our restoration company will always be here to meet all your needs as regards any incident related to the fire. We will always empathize with you, hence provide you with services that will give you satisfaction.

Our restoration company in Manhattan has competent staff who are thoroughly trained to meet any of your need. We have the most modern and specialized fire restoration equipment and techniques that will always meet the needs of your home at any time of the year.

Our specialized services are tailored to meet any smoke and fire damages in your home. We, therefore provide various cleaning procedures for the multiple materials burnt.

Our restoration process includes:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Inspection of the related incident
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Board and Roof tarp services (if any)
  • In cases where water damage has been experienced, we provide water removal and drying services
  • Cleaning off smoke and soot off all affected surfaces
  • Overall cleaning and repair services
  • Finally, we give restoration service

Why You Need Us?

  • We've always cared for our client's property like our own.
  • We ensure convenient services all through the yea; 24/7
  • We act quicker to any fire-related incident; to lessen and limit further damages and reduces potential loses as well
  • We can deal with any size of fire and smoke incident experienced
  • Our company is specialized in fire and water-related damages; hence we assure you the most reliable and quality services
  • Our fire and smoke restoration technicians have the required skills and capacity to meet your needs.
  • We have odor our control technicians
  • Our fabric cleaning technicians provide satisfaction
  • Our Restoration technicians are qualified to meet all your concerns

Fire Damage Restoration Process

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Having fire damage in your residential or commercial property can be upsetting and shocking. When you experience such losses, you get reassurance from getting clear support and guidance in rescuing as much as possible from the fire damage. We are here to help you get your property back to its prior state before the damage. Our crew of technicians is experienced and trained to help you get back your home or commercial property as fast possible. We can fix any imaginable kind of fire damage. Fire damage comes in different forms and causes which include;

  • Kitchen grease and stove burners fire
  • Electrical fires probably due to overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wiring
  • Accidental fire ignitions such as from flammables like propane and gasoline

These are just a few of the many probable causes of fire at your home or business property. If you experience such tragedies in New York City, we are here to help you by;

Identifying the source of the fire

This helps us to come up with the best solution possible for restoration. We evaluate the degree of the loss so that we can determine the best approach to start the restoration.

Assessing the damage

In this process, we evaluate to see if there are further damages like water damages that might have resulted from the firefighting process. We then deal with the water damage if there is any.

Removal of items from the building

We will need to vacate the building to ensure that all parts are touched during the restoration process.

Structural restoration

This involves the cleanup of charred contents, evaluation of floor coverings and carpets that may need removal, inspecting the house for safety, disinfection and treatment of the areas and smoke odor removal.

Returning the items

We help you get the items back to their location assisting you to restore your normal life.

Fire damage in Manhattan is at times an inevitable tragedy, and we are here to see things get easier for you. Contact us for help. We are available 24/7 to offer you help whenever you need us.

Manhattan Fire Damage

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

If you have fire damage in your apartment or business in Manhattan, it's important to act quickly in order to avoid permanent damage.

Call the Professionals

Unfortunately, the difficult process usually requires specialized equipment. If you try to simply vacuum the soot and debris, you can ruin your vacuum without completing the task. Timing is critical in clean-up efforts related to fire and smoke damage. So, it's often best to leave the restoration efforts to the professionals.

While you are dealing with the insurance company and securing temporary housing, rely on the services of a certified New York fire restoration company to salvage as many of your belongings as possible. They have the expertise required to evaluate the damage and restore salvageable belongings versus those that should be replaced or discarded.

Points to Keep in Mind

Here are a few reasons you need a professional company to begin clean-up efforts right away.

  • Minutes after the fire department has put out the blaze, acidic soot discolors plastics. Marble and alabaster are often permanently damaged.
  • Within hours soot can cause fixtures and counters to turn yellow. Metal tarnishes and furniture and appliances scar or discolor.
  • Excess water can cause mold to grow in your walls or on wood and other surfaces. Mold can become a big health concern unless properly cleaned.

Selecting a Restoration Company

Select a Manhattan restoration company that has a reputation for effective fire damage clean-up. Ask for credentials such as licensing and insurance information as well as references from previous clients. The firm you choose should be able to provide before and after photos of completed projects.

In addition, the company's or technician's health and safety certificates should be in order. Ideally, the candidate should possess vast experience in a variety of restoration skills, and be able to provide proof of professional licenses as well as applicable insurance.

Dealing with Smoke Damage Problems

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke damage leaves your property with black marks which can be unpleasing to look at. It destroys the appearance and structure of everything in it. This includes walls, ceiling, furniture and any other item in the affected room. It also leaves the building with an unpleasant odor that is hard to eliminate unless you turn to professionals like us for assistance. We are here to assist any smoke damage victims in New York City by offering friendly yet professional services to deal with the disturbing issue and restore your home or business property to its previous state.

We use our experience and high-tech equipment to make sure that we clean and deodorize the building making it a comfortable place to live in. Smoke, due to its nature, can easily seep through the smallest cracks. It is, therefore, hard for you to notice it and this could lead to substantial damages when the issue gets out of hand.

Our team is qualified and has knowledge about how smoke works. This makes us the best option for you. We offer complete cleanup and odor removal in Manhattan. We do this by following simple yet effective steps as follows;

Removing soot from the household

This is the residue left behind after the smoke damage. It is the action taken after assessing the level of the damage and marking the affected areas.

Determining and getting rid of the source of odor

The smoke smell remains in carpets, upholstered furniture and clothing unless it is eliminated before the cleaning process. We use high-quality additives and chemicals to help break the molecules and get rid of the smell.

Cleaning the room

After deodorizing, it is time to eliminate the smoke spots by doing a thorough cleaning of the walls, carpets and the washable clothes ensuring that they are all left immaculately clean.

If you are having a smoke damage issue in Manhattan, NY, we are the right solution for you as;

  • We are experienced
  • Have the right equipment
  • Certified to do the job
  • We offer emergency restoration services

Do not think twice about trusting us to do the job for you and you will not regret your decision.

Important Facts to Note about Mold Damage

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

Mold is among the worst silent but dangerous contaminants known to grow in buildings. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. All it needs is a wet or damp surface such as carpets, wood, ceiling tiles, insulation, and drywall just to mention a few.

Mold growth can start and spread within 48 hours if it is not checked. It can have significant impact and damages on your building's physical structure and the quality of your home. A lot of people in Manhattan have mold allergies. For safety purposes, it is vital to ensure that you get rid of any mold growth causing agents before the damage occurs.

We are here to help you in the remediation of mold damages. After carrying out a comprehensive inspection, our mold damage remediation specialists will contain the affected surfaces with physical barriers to ensure that the growth does not spread during the restoration process.

Some of the important facts to note about mold problem are;

  • Mold can affect your health and that of your pets. It also compromises the physical structure of your building
  • Mold growth occurs mostly in warm and damp surfaces under humid conditions
  • Mold is hard to see since it grows in hidden areas like under the floors, under the ceiling carpet and in walls.
  • If the mold is not yet visible, after two days, it can affect any wet material in the house
  • Whether you already suspect a mold problem or already seen the problem, only a professional can help you identify its source and the extent of the damage
  • Some home remedies for example bleaches can add to the problem

It is wise to avoid using your homemade remedies to minimize the issue and let a professional handle it for you. If you suspect or you see that you have a mold issue in New York City, call us, and we will immediately respond to solve your problem before it worsens.

Convenient Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage leads to black marks that discolor your walls and ceiling. Soot is the remains left by smoke. Eliminate the stink in your home by turning to us for smoke odor and smoke damage removal service. We are among the top smoke restoration companies in New York City and Manhattan, and we provide you with friendly and convenient smoke removal services to restore your home back to its former state.

With the help of our quality equipment and techniques, we efficiently clean and deodorize your building. Smoke has a different nature from the path of fires. Smoke can easily seep through crevices, cracks and other hidden areas and this could damage areas that you cannot think of.

Our experts understand how smoke work and they can offer you a complete smoke odor removal for your property in New York City or Manhattan. It takes you more than just a freshener and filters to get rid of smoke smell after the fire. The best way to do this is to be systematic. Some of the reasons why you should choose us include;

  • We are experienced
  • We are certified
  • We are insured
  • We have the right tools and types of equipment for the job

Before starting the smoke restoration process, our experts start by locating the source of the smell and treat it with detergents which are specifically designed to neutralize the smoke odor. We also understand that different types of fire produce different kinds of smoke; for example, a fast burning fire leaves a powder ash while a smoldering fire leaves a sticky residue. Allow our team to do the smoke odor removal task for you and you will love the results.

Soot is also messy, and nobody enjoys its presence at home. Let your licensed and certified team do the residue removal for you. We remove all kinds of soot from ceilings, walls, and any other surfaces.

You do not have to go through the problem of smoke and soot damage alone. Contact us today and book an appointment with us and get started.

Professional mold remediation and removal in Manhattan

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

Moisture is almost synonymous with molds; they thrive on moist spaces. A small leak or flooding if not attended to immediately, will lead to the growth and spread of molds. Even with the absence of moisture, molds grow if there is high humidity in buildings. Your Manhattan home or business is prone to mold attacks. Molds are found indoors and outdoors and can easily find their way into the house. Before embarking on the mold removal process ensure you identify and stop the source of the leak or moisture. If unaddressed the moisture will continue to perpetuate the growth of molds in your Manhattan home.

Molds black or otherwise can cause harmful effects to occupants of a home or business. Effects include irritation due to exposure to irritants and allergens. Molds also cause coughing, sneezing and other nasal ailments. It can irritate skin, eyes and is particularly harmful to asthmatic people. Molds are also unsightly; nobody wants to use a molds infested bathroom or kitchen. If present in business premises it is likely to drive customers away.

Mold removal process

Getting rid of molds in damp places involves the following steps:

  • Assessment

Carry out a preliminary evaluation of the affected room. Inspection helps you to determine the extent of mold infestation. You then come up with a plan on how to remove it. The home or business owners are advised in case they need to relocate during the princess.

  • Remediation

Restoration involves removing existing molds. Professional cleaners will also seal any moisture sources to prevent the growth of new molds. Different restoration guidelines exist depending on the size of affected area. Infested spaces are isolated by closing all doors, windows and sealing any opening. Dust the contaminated area and remove any damaged materials.

  • Cleaning

Clean the infected area using water, detergents; it can also be vacuumed. Dry and humidify the cleaned areas. If done correctly, the molds should not reoccur. Ensure the moisture problem is fixed otherwise the cleaning will be a futile act