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Professional Smoke and Fire Restoration Services

1/4/2016 (Permalink)

Don’t let your dreams go up in smoke … practice fire safety.

Where does the restoration start for a building that has been razed by fire? Do you start with the structure, the smoke, the soot or the contents of the premises? These are just a few of the questions to consider when you have gone through a fire calamity. It is important that to avoid more duress, you leave everything to the large loss restoration professionals. Believe me, restoration is harder than re-building everything.

Fire is a very serious calamity. When it happens, it causes economical, emotional, physical and health damages to the victims and their dependents. Some fires are as result of carelessness and they can be prevented while others are beyond our awareness and/or control. Once a fire disaster occurs, there will be the direct and indirect effects that need to be addressed as soon as possible so that life can continue. If you had insured your property against fire, you will be compensated. However, it is obvious that not all items can be compensated. Additionally, there is no compensation for emotional damages resulting from fire and smoke accidents.

The only way to overcome the effects of fire calamities is to get smoke and fire restoration services from an approved service provider. This way, you will be able to determine what can be cleaned and be re-used and what needs to be replaced. Additionally, you are able to determine the effect of the fire and smoke and how much compensation you need to return back to your previous position before the occurrence of the fire. With a service provider doing the restoration for you, you will have enough time to recover emotionally and face reality positively for a quicker recovery.

The effects of fire to your home and property

Fire and smoke have immense destructive effects to your home and property. The magnitude of the destruction is determined by the extent and intensity of the fire and smoke. The first thing that fire does to your home is that it brings it down. It consumes anything that can burn. If the fire is huge, you are going to lose your house or part of it.

Another major destruction caused by fire is loss of property. You can definitely lose property. Additionally, fire is likely to destroy your valuable items such as important documents, electronics, furniture, clothes and other items that can burn.

Fires can also cause physical injuries to your family members and pets. Again, this depends on the magnitude of the fire. Sometimes, fire can cause death of your family members or your lovely pets.

The effect of smoke to your home and property

Whenever there is fire, smoke actually causes the most damage to the home itself and to the contents. One of the major destructive effects of smoke is the never ending odor, that even using the best cleaning products will still linger, never mind that you leave the doors and windows open. That intense smoky odor will linger for a long time. It is worth noting that a fire may be small but smoke can be devastating.

Other than the odor, smoke darkens your house making it unworthy for living. The walls and ceiling are darkened making them look ugly. Your property also gets damaged by the smoke. They become dull and cannot be used if not properly treated. Smoke also causes irritation to you, your family members and your pets. Sometimes it can cause death.

The emotional effects of fire and smoke

After a fire, there will be loss of property but above all, the main reason why you need to restore your home to its condition prior to the fire is that it will help heal the trauma faster. The good thing is that large loss restoration companies will be able to restore it back to its prior condition in a short time.

Everyone is emotionally damaged whenever his or her house is destroyed by fire and smoke. You suffer from a deep stress and worry of losing your house and property again. Truth be told, you will never feel 100% secure again, but don’t worry, a little fear is not bad as it makes you extra cautious.

The expenses associated with losing property are so immense that you sometime require a counselor to help you recover. You are mentally disturbed as you wonder how much you have lost as a result of the fire. Generally, fire and smoke are not good for the mind. It could even disrupt the life of a child. The first place to begin is to hire the restoration professionals to hasten the recovery.

How to clean your house from fire and smoke

When your home is damaged by fire and smoke, you need to have your house cleaned by professionals so that you can go back to your initial position before the fire and smoke incidence. It is worth noting the damages and the dirt/stains and soot caused by fire and smoke can be poisonous. For example, soot is very bad for the respiratory system if it is inhaled. It is always advisable to let experts clean your house. Professionals will always restore your house perfectly after a fire incident.

Cleaning your house from fire and smoke takes place in two stages, the assessment stage and the restoration stage. The first stage entails the evaluation and determination of the extent of the damage. At this stage, experts determine what can be restored and what needs to be replaced. The equipment to be used during the restoration process are also determined. The second stage involves the actual cleaning and restoration of your house to its previous condition before the accident.

The importance of having your house cleaned after a fire incidence

There are several reasons why you should have your house thoroughly cleaned after a fire incidence.

·        Avoid losing more items as you do the cleaning yourself. After a fire incidence, most of the items can be restored if the recovery process is done by professionals. This also lowers the cost of replacing items after a fire incidence, especially if your house was insured.

·        The damage caused by fire may appear small but it could be huge and very dangerous when accessed by professionals.

·        Some of the remains from a fire accident may be a health hazard to you and your family. It is therefore important to have your house cleaned by experts to avoid more harm to you and your family.

Having your house cleaned after a fire incidence, also gives your home a new look and make it a safe and clean place once again.

Additionally, once you have your home cleaned up, you eliminate the chances of other fire related accidents to happen. Generally, by cleaning your home, you contribute towards the emotional recovery after a fire incident.

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